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Convenient and fast tablet charging cabinet


Tablet charging cabinet R & D background

For most people, you might only have a tablet or laptop, so feel that using a charger at home is enough to meet your charging needs. However, with the popularity of the Internet and computers, personal digital devices continue to increase, especially the advent of tablet PCs. Tablet PCs have changed the way people browse, and the pace of education reform has accelerated. The countries in the world have increased their investment in education. Using the tablet or notebook teaching, the school has established the "School-school, class, and class". The tablet charging cabinet was born, which is a computer device that converts AC power into a multi-line device. Designed for charging tablets or laptops or smart digital products, it not only solves the problem of collective charging of tablets or laptops, but also manages the tablet, eliminating the need for users to directly access the mains.

Q&P Charging cabinet

Tablet charging cabinets are used in a wide range of fields and can be said to be ubiquitous in meeting various needs. They can be widely used in schools, institutions, enterprises, hospitals, shopping malls, libraries, restaurants, museums, hotels or office buildings.

Storage Charging Cart

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